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Gym Econ 101

Gym News/Hope With An Economic Twist

In a time of economic uncertainty we need to find ways to find some reassurance. The laws of fitness are here to the rescue. These certainties have stood the test of time. Here are a few of the hits simplified… 1) “Inflation”-If your goal is to gain weight-Eat More, Lift Heavy and Often. 2) “Deflation”-If your goal is to lose weight-Eat/Drink Less, and Move More. 3) “Asset Allocation”-Don’t put all of your eggs in one fitness basket. Enjoy a little bit of everything. ie Strength Training, Walking, Yoga, Cycling, Hiking, HIIT, etc. 4) “Liquidate”-Stay Hydrated :-) 5) “Dollar Cost Averaging”-Spending a little money on your health on a regular basis WILL pay huge wellness dividends. 6) Don’t be a “Day Trader”! “Buy & Hold”! Think long term, hitting your goals in one day isn’t realistic. Consistency over time will always win. Charge hard friends! -H&G

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