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Motion Is Lotion

We recently had the luxury of going to Carowinds, and I can’t even begin to tell you how many fun random thoughts popped into my mind. The most popular of these thoughts was watching how excited these kids were to get to the top of the slides and never once would they complain about how many steps they conquered to get there, which is a great metaphor for working out. Keep your mind on the prize(ie better health, being stronger, more mobile, etc) and the journey is so much more enjoyable. The clients that truly embrace the session are always blown away with how fast the session goes by. For the clock starers out there(which is Training blasphemy) it seems like an eternity. So in your next session focus on your form, executing perfect reps, controlling your breath and before you know it you will have crushed a great workout. Happy health! Best, H&G

#workoutafter40 #Charlotte #Gym

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