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Movement Habits That Should've Been Taught When We Were In School

I’m writing this newsletter because when it comes to our bodies we have an educational system that teaches us everything about the body except how to move it properly. Here are some tips on the most efficient ways to use your body: 1) Posture-Stack your joints. From your ears down to your ankles your body should form a straight line. Think-Get Tall. 2) Breathing-Close your mouth and breathe with control in and out through your nose. So much research is out there proving why you should breathe this way. Just ask Google :-) 3) Mobile Hips-Bad backs are often caused by a lack of hip mobility. Make sure you place an emphasis on your glutes when you’re training. Think-Glute Bridges, Clamshells, Lateral Walks, etc. 4) Neutral Spine-Excessive flexion and extension will aggravate those precious discs in our backs. Keep your back “flat”/long. 5) Knees-I can’t say this enough, another reason why your glutes are the largest muscle on your body is to save your knees from being abused. Sit back into your hips when squatting and don’t let your knees collapse inward. Hip hinging will also preserve your knees. 6) Create a “Core Shield”-Hold that brace in your abdominals during almost every movement. This will also help you keep a neutral spine. 7) Your Mind/Software-Bad Input leads to bad output/movement. Focus on every rep and create great movement patterns. 8) Relax Your Traps-No need to shrug your shoulders when training. Unless you want that nose tackle neck. Keep your shoulders down. 9) Shoulder Sockets-Engage your lat/scapula and keep that arm in its socket or else space is created in that joint and bad things start to happen. 10) Own Gravity-Never let gravity do the work. Be in control of your body. Hope these tips help. Keep charging hard! Best, H&G

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