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Guys, Please Slow Down To See Results!

I recently hit my breaking point while I was on a vacation with my family down in Florida. This happens literally every time I leave my gym in Charlotte, NC and I'm forced to get a decent workout in either the hotel gym or a commercial gym near the hotel. Unfortunately I've witnessed way too many guys butcher their "workouts".

The most common mistake that I see are the mindless reps that people are flying through. Now it's one thing if you're intentionally doing a plyometric movement but trust me that's not what's going on here. Time under tension is truly non-existent with these individuals. So gentlemen the next time you workout please slow down and think about what your body is doing to reap the benefits of strength training. Don't be that guy caught on a hidden camera on social media looking like a clown. Don't let gravity do the work. Concentrate on every repetition.

Another common theme is inefficiency. This is more relevant in the "hotel workout". If you only have 20-30 minutes you can easily knockout a total body session. I have observed so many guys doing small isolated movements at warp speed doing straight sets going nowhere fast. The biggest tragedy being that none of these people that I have witnessed never did a single lower body movement. Your legs and glutes are the biggest bang for your buck body parts. Instead you should setup a total body circuit and get after it for as many rounds as possible in the limited time that you do have. For example, if the gym doesn't have a ton of equipment all you need are a couple of dumbbells to get a killer workout. Here's one of my favorite workout's on the road:

Complete as many rounds as possible in a 20-30 minute window doing 6-10 reps per movement.

  1. Thruster

  2. Renegade row with push-up

  3. Single leg deadlift with a hammer curl

  4. Side plank with lateral shoulder raise

  5. Skier swings

Nothing is neglected in this workout and you'll feel great afterwards. Hopefully this will give you the pop in your travel workout that you've been looking for. Charge hard friends!

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