Silver and Fit

Why Will the Silver and Fit Program Change Your Life?

The path to health and wellness doesn't end because you got older. In fact, staying in great shape becomes even more important as you age. Here at H&G Personal Training, we offer physical fitness programs for people of every age, body type, and fitness level. If you are looking to stay in shape as you get older, consider pursuing the Silver & Fit program.

Silver & Fit is an exercise and aging program designed to help older adults age with their health and confidence intact. H&G Personal Training is proud to offer Silver and Fit training based on plyometric moves that minimize injury, reduce wear-and-tear, and keep you feeling better.

H&G Personal Training is located in Charlotte, NC. Holly and Geoff are uniquely suited for all of your physical fitness needs. As an IFPA Certified Personal Trainer, Holly brings a heavy dose of fun to every Silver and Fit training session at the gym. With Geoff's extensive sports and strength training background, you'll be sure to make the most out of every session!