• Geoff Graue

Travel Workout

Summer is already here! Here’s a great bodyweight routine when you’re bored on the beach :-) Keep those muscles alive!

Core/Hip Series(Ground Based): 1 set of each movement 1) Glute Bridge- 10 reps 2) Hip Crossover- 5/side 3) Straight Leg Drops- 5/side 4) “Book Opener” aka 90/90 stretch- 5/side 5) Front plank- 40 secs 6) Side plank- 20 secs/side 7) Cat/Cow- 5 combos 8) 1/2 Kneeling Hip Flexor stretch- 30 secs/side On your feet... One set of the following movements: 1) Bodyweight Squat- 10 reps 2) Single leg hip hinge- 5 reps/side 3) Spider-Man w/ a twist- 3-5 reps/side 4) Handwalk aka Inchworm- 5 reps 5) Lateral Lunge- 5 reps/side 6) Reverse Table w/ fingers facing behind you(open your shoulders)-5 reps Workout: 3-5 sets of the following movements in a circuit. 1) Split Squat- 10-15 reps/leg 2) Push-ups(elbows in)- 10 reps in slow motion 3) Glute bridge walkout- 5-10 reps/leg 4) Side plank w hip-ups- 10/side 5) Y’s-T’s- 10 combos(squeeze those shoulder blades) Warm Down: Jump in the ocean :-) Have a great Summer! Best, H&G

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