Gyms For Seniors Near Me

Affordable Gyms for Seniors Near Me in Charlotte, NC.

Finding convenient gyms for seniors near me was tough. After all, the majority of gyms simply do not cater to the elderly population. Fortunately, H&G Personal Training was there to help out. As one of the best gyms for seniors near me, I was blown away by what Geoff and Holly Graue have to offer.

By focusing on low-impact movements, Holly and Geoff can lead seniors through a training routine that improves their health while preventing further injury. Equipment like the TRX machine can prove to be incredible for elderly individuals like me.

After you train with Holly and Geoff, you'll come to enjoy the experience itself! Geoff is an NSCA-Certified strength and conditioning specialist while Holly is an IFPA certified personal trainer. With decades of experience in the gym on their resume, who else is better to help get you in the best shape of your life?