Golf Fitness

Hit the Links With a Better Swing After Your Golf Fitness Sessions!

While you might head to the links for a relaxing afternoon, don't mistake golfing for a walk through the park. Every aspect of golfing can be improved by mastering your strength, improving your health, and perfecting your fitness approach. If you never knew about golf fitness before, prepare to get initiated!

Here at H&G Personal Training, we believe in preparing our clients for exactly what they are trying to accomplish. While we work with athletes of every sport, we take particular pride in our golf fitness program. Golf fitness training can be a fun and exciting way to improve your form, increase your strength, and maximize your ability on the course. After enrolling into our golf fitness program, you'll find yourself with the ability to play longer, hit harder, and recover faster.

Geoff Graue is one of the personal trainers at H&G Personal Training. Geoff is a Titleist Performance Institute Certified Golf Fitness Instructor. Call today to begin your golf fitness lessons so that you can enjoy your improved game!