Warm Up

As we age our tissue becomes less pliable. This is why it’s imperative that we prime the system before every workout. Don’t let the warmup/dynamic stretch be a waste of time. Be mindful, and enjoy activating the machine for the fun fitness festivities that are right around the corner. Charge hard friends! Best, H&G #warmup #workout #stretching

How To Take On Your Workouts After 40

How to Take On Your Workouts After 40 Getting older? Your training might change, but it doesn't have to suffer. Men's Health Article(Great Weekend Read! I really enjoyed this article and agree with the author's opinions. It's very applicable to our style of training. Plus, it applies to H turning 40 in a few weeks:-) By Bryan Krahn Feb 16, 2019 Here’s how I became an expert on building muscle when you’re over 40: I turned 40. I started paying more attention to the many dishonest ways fitness in general, and strength training especially, is sold to men and women over 40. It starts with the generalization that everyone over 40 is in the same condition and has the same goals. At one extreme are




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