The Fountain of Youth

Many of you know that I'm a broken record in regards to the book, "Younger Next Year" and its message. One of my favorites is, USE IT or LOSE IT. The evidence is clear, if you don't use your muscles they're already on their way out the door. Another one is SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST. Science will show you that those that choose to engage in regular activity more often have a higher quality of life and generally outlive those that don't by 15-20 years on average. Like Nike has always said, "Just Do It!" I love Ted talks because it's like you're attending college for free. The lecture below shares an abundant amount of amazing information in regards to why you need to implement resistance t

Guys, Please Slow Down To See Results!

I recently hit my breaking point while I was on a vacation with my family down in Florida. This happens literally every time I leave my gym in Charlotte, NC and I'm forced to get a decent workout in either the hotel gym or a commercial gym near the hotel. Unfortunately I've witnessed way too many guys butcher their "workouts". The most common mistake that I see are the mindless reps that people are flying through. Now it's one thing if you're intentionally doing a plyometric movement but trust me that's not what's going on here. Time under tension is truly non-existent with these individuals. So gentlemen the next time you workout please slow down and think about what your body is doing to r




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